Robert and Carol Sumrall

Hello and welcome to all. We are Robert and Carol Sumrall of Seneca Wood Art. Before you ask, there is no wood named Seneca to the best of our knowledge. The only affiliation we have with the name Seneca is that it was the name of the road where we bought our retirement property and we just adopted the name for our business.

By way of introduction I am retired from a 45+ year career as a layout designer in the oil and gas industry. My profession allowed us to travel the world and see and experience many different cultures and styles of art. Carol is an accomplished artist in her own right and has exhibited in various galleries and shows. We have 2 grown children who have careers of their own and they have given us 3 wonderful grandchildren to be extremely proud of.

Carol and I both were raised in the piney woods of East Texas in the area now the bordering on the Big Thicket National Park boundaries. We returned to our roots for the next phase of life. This experience gave us a love of nature and what she provides. As we moved into this next phase, we needed something to fill the gap and woodworking came natural for me. I first started with furniture and progressed to clocks and then boxes and etc. Carol found a love of adding her talents to my projects and we now sometimes argue over who gets to use what tool. As a result of our environment, we prefer to use locally sourced wood in our productions, such as walnut, cypress, maple, cherry, magnolia and others. But, we also incorporate exotics into our design to give a product with that extra flair.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our work as much as we love presenting it to you. We are now veterans of many craft shows, which we continue to do, and we are often approached for custom work. We would also like to offer you that same service. Once I receive your idea, I can, upon request, produce a CAD drawing of the concept and present a picture to you. Once we reach an agreement, I will present you with cost and a time table to deliver the product into your hands. We would love to have the opportunity to make your idea come to life.

Our promise to you is that we will strive to be the best seller we can be. My goal is to always make you happy with your purchase. If you receive a product from us that does not meet your expectations, we will take the product back and refund your money, less all shipping costs. My apologies, but we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur in shipping. That is what insurance is for.

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page at We are always open to comments and ideas. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to a positive relationship with you.


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